RedFilo stands as a distinguished Creative Event Management Agency, celebrated for conceptualizing and executing award-winning, impactful ideas of exceptional quality. We seamlessly fuse professionalism, creativity, and groundbreaking innovation to ensure the delivery of compelling and unforgettable experiences. Since its inception in 2008, RedFilo has experienced exponential growth in scale, expanding its influence across various domains. Our success is rooted in the diverse talents and expertise within our client-centric team, which has grown to encompass a rich tapestry of unique personalities.

Our team of event architects, designers, production specialists, and account managers collaborates harmoniously to envision and bring to life unparalleled experiences. RedFilo has become a prominent force in the industry, setting benchmarks for excellence in the region.

From the inception of a distinctive idea, plan, or perspective, RedFilo emerges as your strategic partner. Our comprehensive services empower us to approach each project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. We leverage a versatile team that combines creativity, strategic thinking, and unparalleled execution to bring your vision to life. RedFilo’s holistic approach ensures that every project, from concept to execution, receives the dedicated expertise required to achieve exceptional results. Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart, making us the ideal partner for turning unique ideas into impactful experiences.

Pach Ang

Singapore Military Commando turned Event Industry Icon

Pach Ang’s leadership prowess garnered significant acclaim, marked by his recognition as the Best Employer of The Year in 2016 and the prestigious Industry Icon of The Year in 2017. His exceptional performance has solidified his position among the top 10 influencers in the industry, with Sound & Stage magazine hailing him as an unmatched commander, mentor, and business leader.

Beyond securing major tenders from high-profile clients, Pach consistently strives to elevate entertainment standards to a world-class level. Examples of his notable contributions include successful ventures such as ONE Championship, Illusio-Magic on Ice, and the creation of proprietary IP events like NEORUN – The Place to GLO, a globally acclaimed spectacle. Pach played a crucial role as Overall Project Executive Director in managing the operations of the KSA Pavilion for Expo 2020.

Under Pach’s leadership, the agency has consistently received recognition at the Middle East Event Awards for over a decade, earning numerous international and regional accolades. Pach’s original event concepts, including The Neorun, The Festival at Masdar City, and the Guinness World Record-breaking Light up the Future event, have been honored with the prestigious Internationally acclaimed IFEA Grand Pinnacle awards.

As a founding board member of esteemed organizations like The Event Group and Advisor to numerous organizations, Pach’s influence extends beyond his immediate endeavors. With over 30 years of experience as a Commando Special Forces member in the Singapore Military, Pach brings a unique and invaluable perspective, enabling him to lead his team to innovative achievements that transcend traditional event management boundaries.


To be the region’s most preferred event management agency, providing the most innovative solutions to design and create experiences of exceptional quality, combining strategy and efficiency to catalyze the development of the industry and surpassing our clients’ expectations to bring every event from a

Vision to a Reality.


We are dedicated to raising the ar for events, prioritizing superior quality and professionalism to captivate both the audience and their senses. As Events Architects, our unwavering commitment to excellence is fueled by our core values, driving us to surpass the goals and objectives set by our clients. Your satisfaction is at the core of every endeavor we undertake.

Meet the Team

RedFilo distinguishes itself in the event management industry through its unique internal culture, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration, leadership, and the delivery of exceptional experiences. The company recognizes the significance of both internal interactions and client service, acknowledging that success is not only measured by project outcomes but also by the quality of relationships. This commitment to diversity not only reflects inclusivity but also brings a rich array of perspectives and experiences to the table, fostering creativity and innovation in event management.

RedFilo specializes in managing large-scale events throughout the MENA region, showcasing a deep understanding of the local market, cultural intricacies, and logistical challenges specific to the area. This regional expertise further sets RedFilo apart as a comprehensive and forward-thinking player in the industry, positioning the company to deliver superior event management services.

Vision to a Reality.